Transit Definitions

Here is a list of some commonly used transit terms to help you when you are working with our data.

Base Fare
The price charged to one adult for one transit ride;
A collection of trips assigned to a vehicle for a day
The movement of transit vehicle without passengers aboard.
The direction of travel of a route, typically either inbound (towards a location) or outbound (away from a location).
Time interval between vehicles moving in the same direction on a particular route.
Layover Time
Time built into a schedule between arrival and at the end of a route and the departure for the return trip, used for the recovery of delays and preperation for the return trip.
The path the vehicle goes to visit selected stops for one or more trips.
An established series of streets and turns connecting two terminus locations.
Time Point
A stop on a trip that has a set time of departure. Used to see if a trip is running on time.
The one way operation of a vehicle between two end points on a route.